Praying Specifically

Recently a military mom prayed this prayer on her e-mail to her son:

“Dear God,
Thanks for all your watch care day in and out. Keep Jacob, his friends and battalion and all the other Marines there close to you. Help them to see your miracles. Thanks for helping the 2nd battalion find that big underground bunker and all the weapons. Help it lead to finding all the top headquarters and all the top dogs. Give the Marines or someone in charge a good idea about those darn car bombers (this was right after a terrible string of car bombings). Thank you that you know the end from the beginning, and have the end to all this war in sight even when it looks impossible. Thank you that it will not go on forever. Help our troops hold up and do what’s needed in YOUR strength—they need YOUR might!!

Love and trust,
Cecilia—Proud Mom of a Marine”

Here’s the message she got from her Marine son the very next day:

“Well mom, your prayers have been answered today—some Iraqi guy came in and told us where some guys live that make car bombs!”

On another day she prayed:

“Dear God,
Thank you that you have it all figured out and you’ve got the plan. Help Jacob and the Marines and the Army stop the bad guys and figure out their tricks and strategies. Help them get good tips from wherever. In Jesus Name.”

And she got the following e-mail in return:

“Hey, mom, what’s up? Well, I’m okay. The other day we had some Iraqi guy inform us of some IED’s, and their location. We found three of them and disabled them. I love you. Have a great day!”

God loves for us to pray specifically and his faithfulness is then seen by us and others and brings him more glory. If you have a story of answered prayer about your loved one deployed in Iraq, please send it to us and we’ll post it on our site to encourage other military families!