Welcome to militaryfamiliespray.com which is designed and written to encourage and equip you to persevere in prayer for your loved ones who are serving in Iraq, Afganistan, or at another location around the world—and also to provide Biblical prayers, inspirational articles, tips, and more. This site was developed by military moms. We hope it encourages you and helps you cope during your loved ones’ deployment.

The deaths are mounting...

…and we need to earnestly support these servicemen and women in prayer.

Please send this out to all you know who are praying people!! Their moms, wives, kids, sisters and brothers will thank you & all of us who intercede.

To all praying friends and family of our military troops:

July is the deadliest month of the war in Afganistan. The Pentagon acknowledges that America has lost troops at an alarming rate in the last few weeks.

We need to step up our prayer support because the enemy is stepping up their IED assaults and the battles are fierce. Please pray with us and send this prayer to ALL those who you know:

Father, keep our troops’ feet, Humvees and vehicles from being caught in a deadly trap or hidden danger. Send out Your angels to encamp around them, accompany and defend and preserve our soldiers’ lives. We ask You to so protect them that NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST THEM WOULD PROSPER OR HIT ITS MARK. Grant peace and comfort to their families and let Your mercies be NEW every morning for these dedicated men and women in uniform. In Christ’s name, amen.

(Based on Psalm 91, Lamentations 3:23)

National Day of Prayer, 2008

What a privilege it was to stand in front of the Pentagon last week during the National Day of Prayer week and intercede for our military forces and their families! Those of us with the National Prayer Committee fanned out across Washington, D.C. to prayer walk at the White House, the Pentagon, the Department of Education, and other government sites.

Jennifer Kennedy Dean, Ouida Phillips, Sandi King, and I (Cheri Fuller) took the subway to the Pentagon, focusing on praying for the Shield of Faith for all our servicemen and women—which Ephesians 6:16 describes: “In every battle you will need faith as your shield to stop the fiery arrows aimed at you by the enemy.” We prayed that all our armed forces would seek the Lord—for He is a shield to all those who take refuge in Him. Among other verses, we prayed Psalm 18:2 for them: “The Lord is my rock, my fortress, and my deliverer, my God, my mountain where I seek refuge, my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.”

It was a beautiful, breezy spring day. And as military jets soared over the Pentagon, we prayed on behalf of military families, for each of their loved ones serving or deployed to be protected, to accomplish their mission, and to come home safely. We asked God to provide peace, provision, and grace in the waiting time for military moms, wives, children, and families. For our Department of Defense and all generals and commanders to have great wisdom and discernment. We lifted up the names of every young man and woman we knew and loved who were serving in the Middle East and around the world. It was our privilege to join the thousands of others across America praying for our country and our military during the National Day of Prayer. May we all continue to pray for our military not only on special, national days of prayer, but in all the days, weeks, and months ahead.

Letter from a Young Marine to His Mother

What follows is a letter written by a young Marine to his mother while he was hospitalized after being wounded on a Korean battlefield in 1950. It came into the hands of a Navy Chaplain who read the letter before 5,000 Marines at a San Diego Naval Base in 1951.

The Navy Chaplain had talked to the young man, to his mother, and to the Sergeant in charge of the patrol. This Navy Chaplain, Father Walter Muldy, assured anyone who asked, that this was a true story. This letter was read once a year in the 1960’s over a mid-western radio station at Christmas time. We present the letter and let it stand on its own merits.


Miracle in Baghdad

.... Doors and roof were blown off. Wheels were blown off. All those in the patrol thought all soldiers in the vehicle had been killed.


Loving Those In Harm's Way

“Loving those who are in harm’s way is a special privilege: We have the opportunity to be there for these heroes as they are there for others. But we are doing more than that. The full reality of loving those who are in harm’s way is that we have the privilege of loving them so that they can be there for others. Indeed, there is tension and worry, but…our love has a far-reaching ripple effect. Mother Teresa said, ‘To keep a lamp burning, you’ve got to put oil in it.’ We put oil in the lamp in the ways we take care of ourselves while we love and support those in harm’s way.”
—Kass Dotterweich, “When Someone You Love is in Harm’s Way,” CareNotes

Giving God Your Fears.

Let me encourage you to give your worry and fear to God, not just today but every day. Today I talked with a mother whose son is leaving for a year of duty in Iraq, and I could relate to her anxiety and concern since my son has served in Iraq. I was reminded how vital prayer is to us when our loved ones are deployed—praying for them and asking our faith community and military support group to join us in praying for your family member and all our servicemen and women.

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